Being a young teacher, I started to reflect on my mental state and practice. I began to realize that my intention and perception on my practice have changed with the pressure of the industry.

Yoga is not only about Asanas. Yoga Teachers are not acrobats or gymnastic teacher. A good Yoga flow is not one that makes you feel like you had a workout and soak your mats with sweat. Yoga is about the cessation of the mind and completely relaxing your mind and body so that you can get in touch with your SELF, your soul. Asanas should be performed slowly with awareness, and control not with momentum and mindless movement. Asana practice should be done without having the intention of getting a good workout or enhancing flexibility so that one can be able to stand on one’s head or balance on the arms. It should be done with complete awareness on the physical body, feeling each and every part of your body, how each limbs, muscles and organs are feeling when we perform the asanas. Breathing should be deep and relax not shallow and fast (Be mindful of the breath, if it starts to get rapid, slow it down). The heart should be beating in a good rhythm not fast and rapid. Mind should be steady and not frantic.  The aim of asanas is to keep our body healthy and create good awareness in one’s physical body and mind, so that we sit in peace during meditation.

By writing this down, it brings me back to my focus.

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